Thousands of businesses were left without power and faced untold damage to property and infrastructure after Storm Desmond breached flood defences and inundated large swathes of the north of England in December 2015.

Combine this with the growing number of firms, large and small, that are being hacked by cyber criminals who infect IT systems using malicious code until a ransom has been paid, has raised questions whether SMEs are sufficiently prepared to cope with such disasters.

Around 80 per cent of small businesses never re-open following a major incident and a further 90 per cent of organisations go out of business within two years of a data loss.

The key for any business is being prepared and this is where Disaster Recovery (DR) plays a pivotal role.

Protect your IT systems

Currently, less than half of companies that have a DR plan have ever tested it in action – which is just the same as not having one in place.

Our team of IT experts help companies of all sizes to safeguard their IT operations and maintain ‘business as usual’ regardless of the situation.

We start by delving deep into your organisation and its IT requirements. DR plans shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all as businesses have very different needs. Bespoke DR plans are created by considering the type of business, processes involved and the level of security needed.

We also undertake annual testing scenarios to ensure DR plans are still relevant, making necessary upgrades and improvements so they remain fit for purpose.

Preparation and backup are a company’s two greatest weapons during a disaster. To protect your business, contact Champion I.T Solutions today on or 0161 703 2500.