The upcoming introduction of GDPR, which we shine a spotlight on within this issue, puts more onus on data collection, protection and processing. Businesses, including our own, must remain compliant with how data, especially that which is sensitive, is managed and shared both internally and externally.

We’ve worked hard to move our operations onto a new practice management system, CCH (owned by Wolters Kluwer), which is transforming the way that we operate and improving end-to-end services for our clients. Part of this new CCH software comes the CCH portal – a secure, two-way messaging and document sharing platform that integrates seamlessly, giving us the ability to better collaborate with clients, such as seeking approvals on tax returns, accounts and other services.

Compared to traditional post and email communication methods, the CCH portal provides:

  • Military grade security to give complete peace of mind that the information is in a secure environment to reduce risk
  • Efficiency by allowing access to key documents 24/7 to prevent delays
  • A two-way messaging platform that protects client confidentiality
  • Full integration with the main CCH software platform to prepare, approve, publish and submit tax, accounting and other documents seamlessly

The portal also allows us to provide clear access of information and lines of approval between different teams, supporting key functions and relationships on a single system. The portal can also provide multiple logins and create access of information and approval permissions depending on individuals and their role.

In addition, we can tailor who receives email notifications when information is loaded onto the portal, for example, a tax return that requires the signature of a director. Information loaded onto the portal also benefits from a full audit trail, which is advantageous when managing multiple approvers, showing date, time and user details when uploading, reviewing and approving documents.

We’ve already rolled all our limited company contractors onto the new CCH portal, which was a huge success, and we’re now working to integrate the platform to our remaining client base, both individuals and businesses, ahead of the GDPR deadline (25th May).

Any company directors who are required to submit personal documents, such as self-assessments, will only require a single portal login to manage and approve both personal and business documentation.

During the coming weeks, your dedicated client manager will be in touch to provide more information on the new portal and help get you set up. Once the number of users are confirmed, each new user will receive an automated activation email and link as well as a separate activation code from the Champion team, which is needed to get you set up.

The team will be on hand to help you get the most out of the platform and learn how to use it to benefit you and your business and ultimately comply with GDPR requirements. If you have any immediate questions about the CCH portal, then do contact your Champion office.