Our Preston office’s Charity of the Year 2024 – Source of Hope

Our Preston office is delighted to announce that Source of Hope has been chosen as our Charity of the Year for 2024. This decision and the partnership reflect our commitment to supporting transformative initiatives that bring sustainable improvements to communities in need. We are excited to work closely with Source of Hope to support their vital projects in Kenya, including the ambitious Kibwezi 4 Well Project.

About Source of Hope

Source of Hope is a UK-based charity dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable children and communities in Kenya. Founded by Duncan Taylor in 2014, following a life-changing visit to the region, the charity has made significant strides in providing education, clean water, and sustainable farming practices. Initially focusing on supporting a children’s home with greenhouses and an irrigation system, the charity has expanded its reach to support five schools and multiple community projects.

Their work spans three schools in the slums of Nairobi, benefiting around 800 children with regular meals and quality education. They have rebuilt two schools – one of which also serves as an orphanage – and established training centres to improve agricultural productivity. The charity’s conservation farming projects have greatly enhanced local farming techniques, increasing crop yields and food security.

Upon learning more about the charity, we were particularly inspired by the impact that previous projects by Source of Hope have had. For instance, the rebuilding of the Fruitful Centre in Nairobi has provided a safe and nurturing environment for orphans, complete with modern facilities. Additionally, the charity’s efforts in teaching conservation farming have resulted in significantly higher crop yields, providing food security and income for many families.

The Kibwezi 4 Well project

The Kibwezi 4 Well project is a significant initiative for 2024, aiming to provide clean water to 20,000 people across an area equal to approximately 20% the size of Lancashire. This project involves drilling four wells to offer safe, affordable water, drastically reducing the prevalence of waterborne diseases such as typhoid and cholera. The wells will not only supply clean water, but also generate income for local churches and support the sustainability of Source of Hope’s local partners.

The wells will be located in the Eastern Province of Kenya, a region that has suffered from severe drought for the past three years, leading to crop failures and increased poverty. The project will transform the lives of the local population by providing accessible clean water, enhancing health, and supporting local economic development through agricultural training and conservation farming practices.

How we’re showing our support

Our Preston office has kick-started the partnership with an initial donation of £1000 to support the Kibwezi 4 Well Project. The team is also planning a series of fundraising events throughout the year to further aid this noble cause, including a Euros 2024 sweepstake and a bake-off competition, aimed at engaging the Champion community along with raising additional funds.

Peter Buck, partner at our Preston practice, added: “We are so enthusiastic about the positive impact this partnership will have and we’re really looking forward to a year of fruitful collaboration. Supporting Source of Hope aligns with our values and commitment to giving back to the community, both locally and globally. We believe that by working together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of those in need, providing them with the resources and support to build a better future.”

For more information on Source of Hope and their incredible work, please visit their website at www.sourceofhope.uk.