Your residency status can have a significant impact on your UK tax liability.

Residency & Domicile Advisory

At Champion, we’ll help you to understand your residency status and how changing your travel/lifestyle habits can change the amount of tax you owe.

Many well-intentioned taxpayers fall foul of HMRC rules due to a lack of understanding around their status. We’ll make sure this never happens to you by helping you to identify whether you are a UK resident, non-resident or domicile, and clarifying how, when and why this could change, whether purposefully or inadvertently.

For those with residences, commercial interests or properties in multiple countries, tax liabilities can become particularly complex. Our advisors will help you to organise, understand, and execute your affairs so that you can pay precisely what you owe with confidence.


Paul Brides
Paul Brides
Head of Tax & Payroll
Paulette Thomas
Paulette Thomas
Head of Tax

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