Windows 7, the desktop operating system from Microsoft and Windows 2008 R2 Server (the server platform), will no longer be supported by Microsoft from 14th January 2020.

The lifecycle for the technology ends on this date, meaning Microsoft will not release software updates, security updates and fixes after January 14th, nor will they provide any technical support to those operating on these systems. If bugs develop and things do go awry after this date, then you will no longer be able to call on Microsoft to fix the problem.

Whilst many people may be reluctant to change, it is not worth the substantial risk to you or your business from being left vulnerable to the hundreds of thousands of malware and ransomware attacks that hit the internet every day. Many malicious cyber attacks now involve hackers locking vital company resources, such as data, servers, PCs and laptops, and demanding money be paid to unlock them and regain access – something that risks potentially crippling any business.

It is also crucial that Windows 7 users upgrade ahead of the deadline, to also avoid a situation where they require service or support that may no longer be available.

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