Yesterday the chancellor set out his first all-Conservative Spending Review and Autumn Statement, revealing his party’s economic goals for the next five years – and by anyone’s standards, George Osborne is intending to spend a lot of money.

It isn’t immediately obvious how it will all be paid for, but if the OBR’s (Office for Budget Responsibility) forecasts are to be believed, the Government has a £4 trillion budget to cement Britain’s long term economic security. His priorities include:

  • UK security
  • Opportunity for families through higher wages, lower taxes and lower welfare
  • Saving £12 billion on welfare
  • Integrating NHS and social care
  • Improving education from childcare to college
  • Doubling housing investment to support home ownership
  • Reforming and modernising public services

The devil is always in the detail and over the coming weeks we will no doubt learn just how the proposed reforms will be achieved.

Click here to download a full copy of our Autumn Statement and Spending Review summary.