Expert tax advisory services to boost and maintain your wealth.

Our tax advisory team ensures both SMEs and individuals operate in the most tax efficient way as effective planning is key to minimising your tax liability.

Our experienced team can advise on all taxes, both business and personal, including Corporation Tax, Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, VAT, Stamp Duty Land Tax and more, across all sectors.

Tax Advisory

Always up to date with the latest developments and initiatives, we will analyse every major tax to help you plan efficiently. We will demystify complex legislation and make sure you have a sound understanding of your tax position at all times.

Whilst minimising liabilities is a priority, it’s also important to consider the wider commercial picture and the practicalities of any changes to your current operating procedures. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and establish a course of action that works for you.

Our tax advisory services include:

  • Transactional Tax – Buying or selling your business can be one of the most stressful periods of your business career. With experience of transactions from £100k to £100m, Champion are there to hold your hand throughout the process. Read more.
  • Corporate restructuring – From alphabetising shares to group structuring, hive-ups and demergers, Champion has years of experience restructuring businesses of all sizes. Read more.
  • R&D tax relief – R&D tax relief is available to companies across all sectors. Our expert team can help you identify your R&D work, manage the claim process and prepare and submit the report to HMRC. Read more.
  • Business valuation – Choosing the most appropriate valuation basis for your business can be a difficult decision. An art rather than a science, Champion’s many years of experience preparing valuation reports for different purposes means we are best placed to assist your business. Read more.
  • Succession planning – Reaching retirement age or looking to step away from your business? Succession planning is critical to you receiving full value for the business you’ve grown and developed.
  • Land Remediation Relief (LRR) – LRR is another underutilised tax relief, and at Champion we have assisted many companies in identifying and claiming LRR that can offer a significant Corporation Tax reduction for building and landowners. Read more.
  • Share Option Schemes – Offering share schemes to your employees is a great way to incentivise and motivate them. At Champion, we can offer guidance on the different schemes available and the immediate and long-term tax consequences to both the business and its employees. Read more.
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) reviews – Many individuals and businesses have overpaid SDLT without ever knowing it. At Champion, we can help you identify and reclaim these overpayments and calculate the correct liabilities on future property transactions. Read more.
  • Tax due diligence – Whether you are selling or acquiring a business, Champion’s expert team can assist with the investigation into historic tax compliance ensuring both parties are able to reach an agreement.
  • Inheritance tax (IHT) planning – Effective IHT planning can offer protection for you and your family both now and in the future. Champion’s experts can help you mitigate tax liabilities on your assets, protect your wealth and your family’s future. Read more.
  • SEIS/EIS and investment reliefs – An ever more popular way to generate cash for businesses, SEIS and EIS schemes bring with them a plethora of compliance and paperwork. Champion has guided many businesses through fund raises and we can offer help and guidance at all stages of the process. Read more.
  • Residency and domicile advisory – In a global economy, many people are choosing to work overseas. Whether you're leaving the UK for employment in another country or coming to the UK from overseas, our experts can help you understand your tax status. Read more.
  • VAT services – VAT compliance is a crucial but challenging aspect of any business’s financial management. Rules and regulations change regularly, and multiple variables can impact the amount that you owe. The team at Champion are always abreast of changes and opportunities that those who pay VAT should be aware of. We’ll manage your VAT requirements so that you can be confident, compliant and in control.
  • HMRC investigations and enquiries – An HMRC investigation is a daunting prospect, but with years of experience communicating with HMRC, including having former HMRC staff within our tax team, Champion can take full control and take the burden from you. Read more.
  • Tax compliance – We deal with everything from the simplest of personal Self-Assessment tax returns to Corporation Tax returns for businesses of all sizes. Read more.


Gill Molloy
Gill Molloy
Group Tax Partner
David Herd
David Herd
Group Partner
Paulette Thomas
Paulette Thomas
Head of Tax

Case Studies


“Since choosing Champion, they have been invaluable to me and my business. It’s like having a best friend who is always there to solve your problems. Their communication is second to none, always helping to build my confidence in what I’m doing. My client manager speaks to me in a way that I understand and there’s never any of this accountancy jargon, which is what I got from my old accountant. They’ve done such a great job with our R&D claims that we’re now moving our entire accountancy and advisory needs over to Champion.”

Dale Allen, Founder at Sevron


“We were introduced to Champion before we launched our business in 2012 and have been a client ever since our incorporation. There is no doubt that Champion has contributed to our existential growth during this time period, as the team’s services have been invaluable to us on every step of our journey. Initially, we appointed them to undertake bookkeeping and management accounts, but Champion now provides a holistic service across our entire business, including ongoing strategic advice about the steps we can take to expand our operations further. Working with Champion is a prime example of how professional relationships evolve over time, and we are so pleased to have had them at the helm of our support network for nearing a decade.”

Greg Mulligan, Director at Mulbury Homes Ltd


“Champion’s expertise is invaluable to us. If you want an accountancy partner that’s really invested in you, then definitely speak with Champion.”

Chris Jenkins, Director at The Great Northern Property Company


“We’ve worked with Champion for more than six years, and, simply put, they’ve supported us with full accountancy and advisory services. I’d describe the relationship with Champion as a partnership. They show genuine interest in our business and have been proactive in offering advice and support – that’s not the case with all accountants. It’s really refreshing that they don’t just look backwards but are involved in discussions that look forwards, for example, as we continue to invest in R&D, and help us to make improvements.

“It’s been personal too. We’ve found the whole Champion team to be friendly, reliable and, importantly, quick to respond – speed is important for us as a fast-paced business. There have also been occasions where some of the Champion team have come into our business to support in-person.”

Debbie Bell, Director at DB Agencies

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