Champion is the perfect partner for long term growth strategy of business group

Essential to growing your business is having the best possible suppliers and advisors in place – and that includes your accountancy firm.

Sevron, established 15 years ago, is a software developer in the health and safety sector, with a team of eight based in the UK and many more overseas. Its MD, Dave Toole, also runs Compliance Scoring, which is in development to provide a full health and safety management system to help provide businesses with a safety rating and compliance rating.

In order to deliver Sevron and Compliance Scoring’s long term plan, Dave required the expertise of an experienced accounting firm that could map out a growth journey and advise on the right steps for the future. His father knew just the business.

Dave said: “When I took over Sevron, our accounts could have been sharper, and we needed a change. My dad used to be a solicitor and worked closely with Andy Boniface who was a senior member of the team at Champion’s Blackpool office. He couldn’t recommend them highly enough, so we met and eventually moved our annual accounts to Champion.

“Over time, our relationship with Champion flourished and we looked to take more services. We were introduced to David Herd in the Manchester office, who immediately demonstrated that he was an expert in tax and could really help our business unlock some potential.”

Champion took on Sevron’s payroll, day-to-day bookkeeping and monthly management reports, and also managed the company’s first ever R&D claim with a brilliant outcome.

Dave said: “Knowing Champion could undertake R&D claims on our behalf was a big factor in us moving more services their way. We hadn’t ever made a claim with our previous accountant, which I had questioned. Champion outlined exactly what we could claim for, and how they would support us. The first application was successful, spanning the previous two years, and was of huge financial benefit to us.”

Dave has leaned on Champion for advice on how to build professional and efficient management reporting and accounting practices, with the ultimate goal of raising the company’s value exponentially.

Dave said: “Champion has offered more consultancy about the shape of our business than I had ever expected; they’ve helped us restructure the group, mapped out our future so we’re always looking ahead, and they advise outside of the box, too; for example, on the latest software applications that would make a difference to how we operate.”

Recalling other examples of where Champion has gone above and beyond the call of duty to support him as a client, Dave pointed to the advice offered throughout the pandemic.

He said: “When Covid-19 hit, there were bits of administration we needed help with, like the furlough scheme, which Champion supported us with unwaveringly. But what really stood out was the consistent stream of clear communication about the changes and announcements coming from government; Champion dissected them and made them make sense, which made trying to run a business during a very difficult time a lot easier.”

Whatever the future holds for Sevron and Compliance Scoring, Dave knows he will be moving forward with Champion as a guide.

He said: “I know we are in incredibly safe hands. Whether it’s David – who’s so knowledgeable about his field of work – or someone else in the team, we are continually provided a professional and efficient service. As our relationship has evolved and new challenges have emerged, we have achieved stronger and stronger results.

“We simply can’t become more successful without the right accountancy firm in place and working with Champion is the perfect partnership for that.”