The secret to business growth is hidden in your accounts

Management Accounts

Use the data at your fingertips to supercharge your business success.

Misunderstanding your own accounts is one of the fastest ways to damage or stagnate your business. Establish a robust, responsive, big picture financial reporting system and you’ll see a clear path to success.

We don’t just track your finances. We live and breathe the opportunities and challenges that come with running a business, acting as your trusted advisors, helping you to make decisions, avoid pitfalls, and ultimately reach your biggest goals in business.

Our management accounts team help businesses to:

  • Regain control of poorly managed accounts: So many SMEs struggle to manage their accounts. Inefficient bookkeeping can be fatal for even the very best businesses. At Champion Accountants, we’ve worked with countless clients who believed their businesses were in strong financial health thanks to the misleading or incomplete picture given by their accounts. We’ll dissect your accounts, empowering you to understand your business, its strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and challenges.
  • Gather a full picture of your financial health: Do you have a strong grip on the cash flow in and out of your business, the money you’re making, your profit margins, and any challenges ahead?
  • Track your chosen KPIs: We’re here to help you monitor turnover, net profit, debt levels and any other indicators you choose, financial or non-financial. See changes as they happen and respond before it’s too late. Stay on the right track.
  • Forecast cash flow and make decisions: Are you making profit? Can you buy new assets? Are you paying market average salaries? We’re here to help you seize opportunities when they arise and chart a course with full knowledge of the road ahead.

Click here to download an example report showcasing the data we provide to our management accounts clients.

How it works:

  • Engage your Champion team and we’ll get to grips with your current financial picture
  • We’ll work with you to understand your aspirations, the market you operate within, and the information you need at your fingertips at all times
  • We’ll monitor your business, providing comprehensive reports as frequently as you choose, fully explained by our team however you choose, from face-to-face meetings, video debriefs, phone calls or emails
  • We’ll provide insight and advice, helping you to choose your next steps to protect and progress your business


Ged Cosgrove
Ged Cosgrove
Group Managing Partner
David Herd
David Herd
Group Partner
Andrew Hopwood
Andrew Hopwood
Client Partner
Karen Quick
Karen Quick
Accounts Manager

Case Studies


Chrysalis Finance is the largest provider of healthcare finance in the UK. Based in Alderley Edge with a team of 30, it offers finance solutions for clients to pay for private medical procedures and dental healthcare.

When Chrysalis Finance launched in 2012, the company hired Champion Accountants to undertake basic bookkeeping and accounts with a view to growing the business exponentially in coming years.

Director Will Harris said: “Prior to setting up Chrysalis Finance, I’d worked with some of the largest accountancy firms in the UK and I can honestly say their service cannot compare to that we receive – and have always received – from Champion.

“Their service has grown alongside our business and we now receive audit support, as well as consultancy on our tax and corporate finance. Our financial director is able to work seamlessly alongside Champion, such is their ability to flex around our processes and requirements, and we welcome their strategic and practical advice.

“Champion’s service outshines that of the larger accountancy firms you’ll come across, but is much more accessible. We’ll continue to use them for years to come.”

Will Harris, Director at Chrysalis Finance


“When I took over Sevron, our accounts could have been sharper, and we needed a change. My dad used to be a solicitor and worked closely with Andy Boniface who was a senior member of the team at Champion’s Blackpool office. He couldn’t recommend them highly enough, so we met and eventually moved our annual accounts to Champion.

“Over time, our relationship with Champion flourished and we looked to take more services. We were introduced to David Herd in the Manchester office, who immediately demonstrated that he was an expert in tax and could really help our business unlock some potential.”

Dave Toole, MD of Sevron & Compliance Scoring

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