Fighting fit finances for sports rehab start-up

When two physios with more than 20 years’ experience in top-flight football decided to launch their own business, they called on Champion Accountants to put together their financial game plan.

Rehab 4 Performance is a world-class physiotherapy, sports injury, rehabilitation, and performance centre in Liverpool. Using equipment and techniques usually reserved for athletes at the peak of their sport, the centre provides elite fitness opportunities for those who don’t have access to them through a top tier club. Opening up world-class facilities to private customers, it caters for both professional and amateur sportsmen and women, and any individual seeking world-leading physiotherapy or rehabilitation.

The business owners had confidence in their vision, but no experience of establishing or running a company. Champion’s first task was to gain SEIS (Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme) status for the business, allowing it to successfully secure external investment which would provide funds for the start-up.

Our expert team then set to work as management accountants, establishing a big-picture financial reporting system and strategy that would pave the way for success.

Diving deep into the business’s needs, alongside finances both available and anticipated, we developed a two-year cash flow forecast. Armed with this information, our team and our clients were able to make big decisions together.

The nature of the business meant that its initial outlay would be significant, as the centre required state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Using the cash flow forecast, we advised which pieces of kit should be bought outright and which should be hired purchases.

Our team also took on all bookkeeping, allowing us to fully understand the business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges, as well as keeping a tight hold of profit and loss, and the trajectory of the start-up.

18 months later, the business continues to grow, with expansion opportunities on the horizon. We’re delivering ongoing management accounts, continuing to present a clear picture of the business’s health. Accustomed to working with entrepreneurs with limited financial experience, our video management accounts presentations talk through all data step by step, bringing the accounts to life.

While Rehab 4 Performance provides a facility usually reserved for elite sportsmen and women, our management accounts service keeps the business in champion health.

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