Among the most personal and impactful financial preparations you’ll ever make, Inheritance Tax planning can change the lives of the people you love most both immediately and after you’re gone.

Inheritance Tax Planning

With advice and support from the team at Champion and careful consideration, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from:

  • Loss of up to 40% of your estate on the event of your death
  • An average of 18 months spent dealing with probate and the thousands of pounds in associated costs
  • Significant loss of your estate due to later life care costs

Failing to plan for Inheritance Tax can lead to a substantial loss of the wealth you’ve built up throughout your life. There are, however, a number of HMRC approved allowances, reliefs and schemes that you are likely to be eligible for and that are guaranteed to protect your wealth. Yet the only way to benefit from these schemes is through careful Inheritance Tax planning.


Gill Molloy
Gill Molloy
Group Tax Partner
Paulette Thomas
Paulette Thomas
Head of Tax

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