Businesses which face increasing pressure to identify savings and make efficiencies are using digital accounting as a way of creating new resource which can instead be plugged into growing the organisation.

While courses and tutorials are available for business owners, charity founders and those who are self-employed, to simplify digital accounting platforms, often by doing it all yourself without the helping hand of a trusted accounting expert can lead to hours spent learning to understand how the platform works.

This was the case for Wendy Scott, a mental health pharmacist and founder of charity Wintergreen, which provides holistic therapy to armed forces veterans and emergency services personnel suffering from stress, anxiety, PTSD, depression and trauma.

Running the charity parttime alongside her role as a pharmacist, Wendy had invested in digital accounting software many years ago, but over the course of time had reverted back to physical accounting which she was more familiar with.

During a Cheshire Connect event, which matches small businesses with larger organisations offering their skills and expertise to help them grow, Wendy was matched with Heather Stockton from Champion’s Chester office after she applied for a refresher course on her digital accounting software, Wave.

Wendy said: “Heather instantly understood the type of support I needed; it isn’t that I’m not familiar with digital accounting, I simply needed a refresher course and to understand how it’s changed over time, and what I need to think about so my package is set up for the future.

“Heather and I had a meeting where she analysed my existing set up, made sure everything was up to date and gave me an additional tutorial on how to make better use of automation so that digital accounting actually ends up saving me time and money that I can put to better use.

“Doing what Heather did myself would’ve taken days, if not weeks, so her expertise has made a huge difference to me. Accounting is something that needs to be done but it’s not something I’ve ever found simple before; Heather has made sure that our platform is set up in such a way that digital accounting will never become a burden and I know she’s available to help with anything else – such as filing year-end accounts – should I need her support.”

Digital accounting platforms are in place to help businesses realise the benefits of automating processes which might previously have used up hours of valuable resource within your organisation.

Whether you’re in need of a refresher course on how to complete your accounts digitally or need a step by step guide on how to get started, Champion Accountants has the expertise and personal touch to help.