Champion Round-up | 2nd February

Written by Ged Cosgrove, group managing partner

The last two years have revealed such tenacity, motivation and innovation in business owners who’ve had to weather a truly challenging time.

As we appear to be emerging out of the pandemic, with hope on the horizon for a drop on all restrictions and a chance to revert back to normality – or as close as we’ll get to it – these qualities will continue to shine, with many forever on the lookout for the next product or service to help make their business more efficient.

To reiterate what we said in our December round-up: there is a continued shortage in independent bookkeepers which is forcing many finance and admin teams to take ownership of this critical business function, rather than outsource it. Bookkeeping isn’t as straightforward as it looks, and the very best bookkeepers offer businesses huge potential from an objective perspective; they can spot how a business could grow, make savings and outdo its competition. Achieving all this in-house can be difficult, and any business finding itself at this point should consider reaching out to a specialist in management accounts.

Today, management accounting has technology as its backbone to heighten what has typically been seen as a laborious process when it’s required each month or quarter. At Champion, we’ve invested into market-leading platforms that enable us to analyse financial KPIs more quickly and track these against wider business objectives, as well as gain more insight into debtors and payment patterns that can help our clients achieve more streamlined processes. Unlocking this time helps you to focus on the bigger picture issues.

To make it easier than ever for our clients to digest their management accounts information, we’ll be delivering commentary via pre-recorded videos, meaning you’re able to review as and when you require, whilst also being able to refer back to key details, recommendations and more. Never to replace one-on-one interactions; these videos will help further strengthen the value we deliver to your business. More to come on this soon.

As staff shortages continue to plague businesses and as we prepare to make a living with Covid the norm, use every opportunity available to make your life and role in business easier.