Champion Round-Up  |  7th February

Champion Round-Up | By Ged Cosgrove, group managing partner

This time of year will find many of us looking ahead, predicting what is to come, and strategising for success. This is a useful moment in the calendar, and an opportunity to shake off anything that’s been needlessly weighing us down. ‘New year, new mindset’ is a helpful approach in business, as is in any area of life.

Recent developments in the financial landscape can offer some relief to those feeling the effects of several years of uncertainty. Interest rates and inflation rates have flattened, heralding potential market steadiness. While this is cause for optimism, it’s important to note that although rates have not risen, they remain staggeringly high. Businesses with debt must maintain caution, focus, and diligent scrutiny of their incomings and outgoings. With a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel, however, this should begin to feel easier.

As we approach March, we will wait to learn whether rumoured tax cuts will come to fruition in this year’s Budget announcement. It’s reasonable to expect some promise of change; we are, after all, in an election year. It will be interesting, too, to see what’s laid out in each party’s manifesto to support businesses and grow the economy. With an election on the horizon, we can expect the unexpected.

One thing I can guarantee as we look ahead at the year to come, is the unfailing commitment of your Champion team. It is our privilege to guide our clients through each month’s twists and turns. We are always ready to advise, act, ease your workload, and lighten your mental load. We are committed to progress, whatever the year may bring.