Unleash success by outsourcing your payroll function to Champion Accountants

Every decision you make for your business has wide-reaching implications, from the impact of any associated cost, placing time demands on an already busy team, to the efficiency and quality of your output.

Making the decision to change your payroll process requires careful consideration. There will be a cost associated with outsourcing your payroll to a specialist, but it will be very much outweighed by the greater savings and efficiencies you create.

Here are six points to consider when switching, and why you should select Champion as your expert payroll partner:

  1. How much time and money do you currently spend running payroll, and how can outsourcing lower this?

Given that labour often represents a major business cost, it’s no surprise that more than 100+ hours a year are spent managing payroll per 25 employees – according to research. So, consider what this looks like in your own business. How many hours per week, month and year are dedicated to payroll? Whose hours are they? Whether your own, or paid employees, those hours represent value. Is it cost efficient to dedicate so much time to a task that could be expertly outsourced?

  1. Are you confident that your processes are fully compliant?

By handing your payroll function to Champion, you can be confident that one of the most heavily scrutinised areas of your business will be absolutely compliant, every single time.

A team of experts using industry-leading technology will manage your payroll, ensuring payments are made accurately and on time, and that workplace pensions and auto-enrolment are handled seamlessly.

We monitor and react to changing legislation, ensuring that you’re never caught out.

If you aren’t confident that your payroll process is fully compliant, you should outsource it.

  1. How would you handle unexpected absences in your payroll team?

If an unexpected absence would wreak havoc, it’s time to rethink your payroll process. Your staff must have full confidence that they’ll be paid exactly when they expect to be, and your business must remain compliant at all times.

  1. Are your employees getting the best service?

When you team up with Champion, your staff will have access to world-leading technology.

Our payroll self-service portal for employees allows your staff to see and download their own payroll data, helping them to manage their personal finances and improve wellbeing amongst your business. Simple updates like new addresses and changes of names can be inputted by employees themselves, saving time across your team.

Are you missing an opportunity to better serve your people?

  1. What technology do you use to run payroll?

When you hand your payroll responsibilities to Champion, you will no longer require expensive software or staff training, which will free up resources to focus on your own objectives. With payroll taken care of, you’ll drive your business forward, faster.

Meanwhile, you’ll have access to our first-class technology. Our payroll portal makes it simple for employers to access payslips and payment documents, view amounts due to HMRC, and run a range of payroll-related reports for all circumstances. With automated payslip distribution, we cut out the middle man, delivering payslips directly to employees’ smartphones.

Modulr, meanwhile, streamlines the process to its very simplest form. You pay us, and we handle the rest with HMRC, using automated efficiency that’s overseen by experts. We can also manage the setup of payroll payments to your employees – meaning you’ve even less to worry about.

  1. Does payroll create stress within your business?

If payroll creates stress for you or your staff, there is a better way to do it.

With Champion at the helm, powered by world-leading technology, your payroll process will be streamlined. While the stress will be taken out of your hands, employees will also have the power to view and understand their payslips and adjust their personal details through our cutting-edge app. Everybody wins.

Talk to your Champion advisor or contact your local Champion office to discuss our expertly outsourced payroll service.